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King Culture

Growing with Digital Capabilities

By February 25, 2020February 29th, 2020No Comments
King Culture Barbershop & Apparel


If you asked me as a child what the year 2020 would consist of…I would have pictured flying cars like “the Jetsons” or a fleet of artificially intelligent robots waiting on us hand and foot.

Although this isn’t the case, we have made numerous strides with technology enabling digital online interactions between customers and businesses that have helped accelerate marketing and data analytics. Using tools such as google analytics, we are now able to collect and analyze data that gives us a better understanding of HOW/WHY the business is growing and areas we need to improve.

At King Culture, we pride ourselves in giving great haircuts, but more importantly, providing excellent customer service to the community. We understand that each customer that walks through our doors will have an “experience”, and we control whether that experience is good or bad. With the help of customer reviews via google review, Square review, yelp, and Facebook, we can continue to grow as a business, highlight great service, and above all, hear the concerns and issues from our customers.

Social media has also given us the opportunity to connect with more people than ever before in the matter of a couple clicks. This has created an entirely new dynamic in marketing for businesses that continues to evolve over the years. We enjoy connecting with our followers online because it gives us the platform to share our small business journey, and it allows us to market to potential customers what King Culture has to offer the community.

Rise of the Kings!

Jermaine and John



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