Meet Rose

Favorite Color: red & gold

Hobbies: I love to read, hike/be outdoors, workout, bake and spend time with my loved ones!

Kids/Family: I am a daughter of 6 kids in my family and I also have a twin! I got married to my wonderful husband July 4th 2021 and had my beautiful baby girl on my 1st year wedding anniversary!

What did you do before King Culture: Before King Culture I worked in a salon for a year after I got my cos license from career center then was at a barbershop for almost 4 years after! I also helped build my parents business they own currently!

Favorite hairstyle to cut: a textured top & mid fade!

What do I like about King Culture: I love the environment and diversity it brings! I also love the freedom yet professional workspace! Having the ability work one on one with my clients from booking to cutting and also being able to express my skills by allowing different types of services and techniques!

What do you see for yourself in the future: In the future I see myself as what I like to call, a “mom-preneur”, being able to homeschool my daughter but also having a self established business running as well!

What your definition of customer service: my definition of customer service is exactly what is says.. serving the customer. Having the opportunity to help and cater to the customers needs and desires by listening to them and building a relationship where they can trust you! Every person that comes in my chair, I hope to make them feel like they’re heard and valued!

How/Why did you start cutting hair: I went to career center during high school for cosmetology and had the ability to focus on many skills but I wanted to find a niche that I could master.. and fell in love with barbering. I love the simplicity yet challenging task it takes to make someone feel good inside and out!

What do you look for in a barber when you get your hair styled: I definitely look for professionalism and technique but most importantly, customer service.. being able to build a relationship with the stylist/ barber so they can learn my hair and and have that personal connection.

What Questions are good to ask your barber or a cosmetologist: If I want to change my hairstyle, does this hairstyle fit with the texture and length I have now? If I’m trying to keep a certain style, do products matter?