Meet Alyssa

Social Media Handles: @stevielyss (Instagram) 

Favorite Color: Army Green

Hobbies: Video games, watching pro football, amateur UFO hunter, gardening, going to concerts, hobby shooting. 

Where are you from: Johnstown, Ohio

Kids/Family: Fiancé named Tommy (drummer of South of Eden), two cats, and parents close by! 

What did you do before King Culture: Firearms salesmen, hairdresser at Charles Penzone. 

Favorite hairstyle to cut: Long hair on men! 

Why did you start cutting hair: I love making people feel beautiful in a way that allows me to create. 

What does “customer experience” mean to you: Very simple: I want to make sure you leave my chair in a better mood than you sat down in, even if it’s just by a little!